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About the African Elephant Coalition

The African Elephant Coalition is a consortium of 32 member countries interested in making sure that there is a healthy and viable elephant population free of threats from international ivory trade and with a vision and plan that will encompass National and Regional strategies that promote non-consumptive use of elephants through the development of Ecotourism for the benefit of local communities.

Have a viable and healthy elephant population free of threats from international ivory trade.

Develop an elephant action plan that will encompass national and regional elephant strategies that promote non-consumptive use of elephants through development of ecotourism for the benefit of local communities.

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African Countries

The African Elephant coalition is made up of 32 African Countries


African elephants

According to the African Wildlife Foundation, there are around 470,000 African elephants roaming the globe.


Elephants Killed

Between 2011 and 2013 alone, more than 100,000 elephants were killed for their ivory.

List of the 31 Countries of the A.E.C


* Burundi, the Comoros and Mauritania  are non-range state members.

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Flags of Member States (Alphabetical Order)

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