Shubert Mwarabu


I am Shubert Mwarabu,born in Tanzania February  1986,In 2013 I founded an Online Campaign called Me Against Poaching which was advocacy Campaign to Inspire youths  getting involved in saving our species.I visited various  Schools teaching students about the loss of Biodiversity,I recorded a song called “Tupige Vita Ujangil i”Let’s fight againt Poaching and the song was played in the national broadcasting radio in the Tourism Program and played by several other radios my other songs are United for Wildlife,OKOA Tembo wa Tanzania, “Save Tanzania’s Elephants” and Open letter to CITES,Now releasing a new song, “STOP the Ivory Trade”
I was appointed Ambassador to the US Non for Profit Organization ( Generation Awakening),I was featured  on the documentary titled save endangered species by A-Team For wildlife in California, also featured on conservation book “ Voices from the Savannah by Gary Roberts” now I am leading a countrywide Campaign to save Tanzania’s Elephants ,a Campaign with three goals demanding the government:
1:To arrest and prosecute the major ivory traders operating in the country.
2:To use Tanzania’s long-standing friendship with China to close the Chinese ivory markets.
3:To publicly destroy Tanzania’s ivory stockpile – the largest in the world.
We have written two Open letters to the President one last year in November 12th and another on April 28th this year calling for the public destroy of the Ivory Stockpile.
As a Voice in Tanzania,I believe that there is each and every reason for all of us to unite and call for the end in Ivory trade.Saving our elephants is not only a global environmental  issue,but also it is  economic issue and  a security issue.